Generalized access to private transport has turned us into citizens of Catalonia-City. This assertion is evident in our everyday practices, which often involve intensive to-and-fro movements between our homes and places of work, shopping, studies or leisure. We might even say that today Catalonia is operating as a single city made up of different urban … Continue reading


We wanted to remind you that we will be holding a LIVE INFORMATIVE STREAMING SESSION that everybody will be able to attend. We will cover all the aspects of the curriculum as well as calendar and solve all of your doubts. All you have to do is send an email to Rosa Lladós  ( with … Continue reading


Due to the interest that the Master in Regenerating Intermediate Landscapes has generated the last few weeks we have decided that it’s time to reach to all of you in person. That’s why we will hold a LIVE INFORMATIVE STREAMING SESSION where everybody will be able to attend. We will cover all the aspects of … Continue reading

26 Junio: Catalunya_Ciutat Taula Oberta

El martes que viene estais invitados a asistir a una jornada especial sobre el actual panorama de urbanismo en Cataluña, en el cual participarán arquitectos, urbanistas, políticos y otros actores claves de este escenario. Organizado por nuestro Laboratori de l’Area d’Urbanismo de la ESARQ-UIC y coordinado por los directores de este master, Carmen Mendoza y … Continue reading

Caminata Jane Jacbos en Barcelona 5-6 mayo

“You’ve got to get out and walk,” decía la urbanista. Hay que salir y caminar. Los famosos paseos de Jane Jacobs por los barrios del mundo que se iniciaron en 2007 en Norte America, se han extendido internacionalmente y por segunda vez consecutiva tendrá lugar en Barcelona el próximo 5-6 de mayo. Organizado por el Col·lectiu … Continue reading

Winners of the European Prize for Urban Public Space

Winners have been announced for the seventh edition of the European Prize for Urban Public Space, a biennial competition created in 2000 and organized by six European institutions with the aim to recognize and encourage the recovery projects and defense of public space in our cities. The competition is organized by Barcelona’s Centre de Cultura Contemporània … Continue reading

Friday Faves! 5 Things to Watch and Read

Our Friday Faves this week: Downtown is for People (Fortune Classic, 1958) – Every week, publishes a favorite story from its magazine archives. Here is one we found by Jane Jacobs in which the urban activist laid out the case against modernist planners. Why Apple’s New Campus Is Bad for Urban America – Read about … Continue reading

Is Urbanism Over? A Controversial Debate

In a place like Barcelona where the practice of urbanism has left such an indelible mark on the city and become a renowned model in and of itself, announcing the death of urbanism is almost akin to blasphemy. What does Vicente Guallart, director of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia and newly appointed director … Continue reading

Jean Nouvel Criticizes the Rise of Starchitecture in Cities

In an interview with Jean Nouvel today in Spain’s La Vanguardia newspaper, the famed architect and author of Barcelona’s very own Gherkin–offically called the Agbar Tower and unoficially nicknamed “the suppository” in Spanish, complained that what his suppository really needed was a good scrub. “They’re dirty. Or is it that people here like ‘mineral’ architecture?” … Continue reading

¿Cual es el Futuro del Urbanismo en Catalunya?

Imagen via ¿Cuál es el futuro de la práctica profesional del urbanismo en Catalunya? Volvemos a recibir a Marta Benages, investigadora de nuestro Laboratorio Área de Urbanismo, quien nos resume esta vez las reflexiones que se dieron en un diálogo entre arquitectos urbanistas organizado por la Agrupació d’Arquitectes Urbanistes de Catalunya (AAUC) y que tuvo lugar … Continue reading