The academic staff of the master program establishes a reasonable balance between professors of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC) and visiting scholars from renowned and prestigious universities. Due to the multidisciplinary approach of the master program, the UIC professors are an integrated group of academics of diverse profiles and areas of expertise such as: urbanism, geography, economy, law, ethics and anthropology. The direction, coordination and master thesis supervisions are tasks of the employed professors of the UIC. This ensures the continuity and necessary dedication for a successful outcome to the program. In addition, top external professionals and researchers will be invited to participate which will compliment the program with their diverse knowledge and specific fields.


Steering Commitee

The direction, coordination and master thesis supervisions are tasks of the employed professors of the UIC.

PERE_VALL_3Pere Vall Casas | perevall@cir.uic.es
Architect. PhD in Urban Design and Planning. Associate Professor at ESARQ-UIC. His research is focused on cultural landscape and regional development. He is co founder of the Llobregat Colonies’ River Park, an initiative of territorial revaluation based on cultural heritage, which has received several awards. In this field, he has developed projects and plans and he has also published several papers. He is currently working on the study of the sprawl repair through heritage networks.

carmen_mendozaCarmen Mendoza Arroyo | cmendoza@cir.uic.es
Architect. PhD in Urban Design and Planning. Associate Professor at ESARQ-UIC. Her research is focused on physical and social regeneration of degraded neighborhoods in the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona and informal settlements in South America. She is co founder of the firm DAC Arquitectura, Rehabilitació i Urbanisme SLP, in Barcelona, specialized in developing urban projects and the design of open spaces and social facilities..



Pablo Elinbaum | pabloelinbaum@riurb.com
Architect. PhD in Urbanism and Planning. Associate Professor at ESARQ-UIC and guest professor at the Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina. He has lectured, published and conducted workshops internationally. His research is focused on supra-local spatial strategies and processes of territorial re-scaling. He is editor of the academic journal RIURB (Revista Iberoamericana de urbanismo) and consultant in urbanism. In this field, he has developed projects and plans at different scales, from the neighborhood to the metropolitan area

Alvaro Cuellar | alvarocj70@yahoo.com
Architect. Master in Urban Design and Planning. Professor at ESARQ-UIC and the UPC. He collaborates with several offices in Spain in the field of regional planning, restructuring urban environments and new residential developments, for both public and private clients. He has worked on a range of scales and his main interests are the composition and structures of urban contexts, with a special emphasis on housing and identity. He complements his professional activity with the theoretical study, investigation and academia.

Marta Benages Albert | marta.benages@gmail.com
Architect. Master in Landscape Design and Management. Research fellow at ESARQ-UIC. Her research is focused on the social functions of open spaces in suburban areas. She is currently working on a doctoral thesis about the social use and perception of suburban open spaces as lived spaces. In this field she is concerned about rediscovering affective links between places and inhabitants, land and people, in order to recognize new landscapes of collective identity.




Top external professionals and researchers will be invited to participate which will compliment the program with their diverse knowledge and specific fields.

Marco Adelfio

Marco Adelfio | marco.adelfio@uam.es
Urban Planner with a strong interest in Urban Geography. Marco received a M.Sc. in Territorial and Environmental Planning from the University of Rome, Italy, and is now a Ph.D. candidate in Geography at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. His Ph.D. dissertation, expected to be finished in Autumn 2014 and supervised by Prof.  Manuel Valenzuela Rubio, is entitled ?Quality of life and diffused residential peripheries: a comparative analysis of representative situations in the Madrid metropolitan region and international best practices?. At the same time, Marco is teaching at the EuroMaster “4 Cities” jointly organized by the University of Vienna, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Université Libre de Bruxelles, University of Copenhagen, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Universidad Complutense de Madrid. In the past he worked in Madrid as a consultant, dealing with large clients such as the Bank of Bilbao (BBVA), the National Agency of Spain for Land Development and Endesa – a leading electricity company in Spain and Latin America.

Bet Alabern Cortina | bet@territori24.com
Architect. Doctoral student in Urban Design and Planning. Her research is focused on perception as another approach to the analysis of landscape, aiming to introduce new ways of understanding and intervening in suburban sprawl. In this field she has published papers and taken part in conferences on territory and landscape. She has developed urban projects and designed open spaces focusing on accessibility and is cofounder of the firm Territori24 in Barcelona, specialized in the promotion of accessibility at the territorial and urban scale.

isabelle anguelovski

Isabelle Anguelovski
Social scientist trained in urban and environmental planning (PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2011) and international development, whose research is situated at the intersection of environmental policy and planning, social inequality, and development studies. Her recent research has examined environmental mobilization and revitalization in low-income and minority neighborhoods across political systems and contexts of urbanization. She has worked for international development organizations and still occasionally consults for NGOs and international organizations on indigenous peoples’ rights, urban and environmental planning, climate mitigation programs, and gender policy.

Sophie Bonin | s.bonin@versailles.ecole-paysage.fr
Agricultural engineer. Civil and rural engineer of water and forestry. PhD in Geography. Professor at Ecole Nationale Supérieure du Paysage Versailles. Her work focuses on the landscape in its theoretical dimensions, particularly the system of spatial representations, and issues of landscape policy, such as the consideration of residents perspectives of the landscape.

Romina Canna | r@rdstudio.info | Interview
Architect. Docotoral candidate in Urban Design and Planning from ETSAB. Her research is focused on the potential of infrastructure as an active component of urban space and urban development. She is an adjunct professor at the IE University School of Architecture and Design in Segovia, and has previously taught at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago and the UNR in Rosario. She is co-principal of the architecture office R+D Studio, and has served as co-president of the Chicago Architectural Club. Her work has been exhibited in the Burnham 2.0 Exhibition in the Chicago History Museum and her recent projects include a second prize for the Reconquista Civic Center in Argentina and the Space Planning for the campus of the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.

Oscar Carracedo García-Villalba | omc@coac.net
Architect. Master in Urban Design and Planning. Doctoral candidate. Associate lecturer at ESARQ-UIC. His research and personal interest is focused on flexible urban planning tools and regulations, urban sustainability and environmental planning, and regeneration and transformation strategies in consolidated urban contexts. Awarded by the Catalan Regional Planning Society (SCOT) for a research project on landscape design guidelines and strategies at the regional scale. Cofounder of the firm CSA (Carracedo Sotoca Arquitectura), specialized in architecture, urban design and planning projects, from the territorial to the architectural scale.

Josep Maria Carrera Alpuente
Architect. Has worked on diverse landscape projects and the development of master plans for Vilafranca del Penedès, Puerto de Santa María, and Vigo, and directed various projects for the Barcelona city council including Sant Andreu-Sagrega, the Strategic Housing Plan for Barcelona, and Glòries Plaza, among others. Since 2004 he works for the Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Generalitat de Catalunya as coordinator of the metropolitan territorial plan for Barcelona and is also planning director for the Institute for Territorial Studies.

Raquel Colacios | rcolacios@cir.uic.es
Architect. Master in International Cooperation in Sustainable Emergency Architecture. Assistant professor at ESARQ-UIC and Program Coordinator of the Master of International Cooperation in Sustainable Emergency Architecture ESARQ UIC. Her research is focused on the recognition and reinterpretation of the social infrastructure layer through a process of living and mapping social networks as part of the urban design process. She is co-founder of the firm Taab6 Architects in Barcelona, whose activity extends to countries like France, Belgium, Vietnam, and India among others. She has won several architectural and urban competitions, including a European prize in Pärnu, Estonia.

Jordi Duatis i Puigdollers | jduatis@coac.net
Architect. Master in Real Estate Assessment. Master in Urban Management. Professor at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). As professor of urbanism and urban assessment, he deals with diverse topics such as urban management, expropriations, replotting schemes, economic and planning feasability studies and real estate evaluations. He was member of the Catalunya Expropriation Jury for Barcelona and has performed economic feasability studies for numerous private firms and city councils. His architecture firm is specialized in urbanism and assessment.

Carola Enrich | carolaenrich@gmail.com
Architect and Landscape Architect. In the practice she is focused on designing and delivering master plans and high profile urban regeneration schemes across the UK and continental Europe.
 Her interests seeks to provide design-oriented solutions with a particular emphasis on an innovative approach within the practical restraints of sites. At an aesthetic level her primary consideration is determining ‘the spirit of the place’ to ensure that all design interventions are appropriate for the character of the location, as this helps to inform the way specific elements of the design are manifested. She is an associate at Townshend Landscape Architects, London.

Juli Esteban Noguera | j.esteban.n@hotmail.com
Architect. He was professor at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), director of the Barcelona Metropolitan Corporation’s Urbanism Services and subsequently Director of the Office of Urban Studies of the Barcelona city council. More recently he has been director for the government of Catalunya’s regional planning program. He is author of numerous publications and participates as a professor in various postgraduate programs dealing with urbanism and regional planning.

Alberto Estévez Angulo | alberto_ea@cir.uic.es
Architect. Master in Construction Project Management. Has has collaborating over the recent years with the ESARQ-UIC, and more specifically with the Urbanism Department as assistant in various Urbanism Courses from the Architecture Degree. Professionally he has participated in the development of projects belonging to the fields of planning, urbanism and public space renewal as well as building refurbishment. He is currenty steering his career towards project and construction management.

Pau Faus | info@paufaus.net
Architect and visual artist. His research is focused on the autonomous practices within the contemporary city. His work aims to activate mechanisms of representation, narration and/or interaction in order to highlight the particularities and conflicts of wherever he finds himself. He has been teaching at the ETSAV University (UPC) and has directed workshops, developed projects and exhibited his work in several contemporary art centers, both at home and abroad.

Amador Ferrer-2Amador Ferrer |aferrera@arquired.es
Architect PhD, UPC, Barcelona. Dissertation on Mass‑housing and the making of Metropolitan Barcelona, 1982. National Award on Urbanism, Madrid 1983. Visiting professor, Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore), 1987. Professor, School of Architecture of Barcelona, 1971‑1985, and La Salle Architecture, since 2000. Director of Building, City of Barcelona, 1988-1992. Author of Els polígons de Barcelona (UPC, Barcelona, 1996), and  Transformig Barcelona (ed.Tim Marshall), Routledge. London and New York, 2004.

Biel Horrach Estarellas | gabriel.horrach@upc.edu
Architect. Master in Urban Planning and Master in Urbanism. Currently a doctoral student researching for his thesis “Mallorca, the laboratory of experimentation in tourism and its coastal manifestations”. He is currently working on several projects of recycling Mature Tourist Destinations in Mallorca, and participates as an active member of different urban magazines like the Iberoamerican Urban Magazine and the International Cultural Landscape Magazine, Identities (ID).

Clara Irazábal | irazabal.zurita@columbia.edu | Interview
Architect. Master in Architecture and Urban Design and Planning. PhD in Architecture. Assistant Professor of Urban Planning in the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University, New York. She has worked as consultant, researcher, and professor in South America, Europe, Asia and the US. She explores social justice struggles manifested in processes of transformation of urban space and how markers of minoritized identity and their intersections with one another are negatively impacted by planning processes, when the supposed mandates of planning urge respect, celebration, and nurturing of diversity.

Salvador Jordana Margalida | salvador.jordana@amphos21.com
Applied Geologist. Postgraduate in Hydrology. Master in Quantitative Hydrology. Since 1995 he works as a project manager for Amphos 21 Consulting in Barcelona, and has 20 years of professional experience in geology, hydrogeology, groundwater, waste and polluted sites management. Among many subjects he has tackled specific problems of behavior and fate of conservative and reactive pollutants in the subsurface. He has experience in conceptualization and numerical modeling implementation of transient unsaturated- and density-dependent problems.

Sebastià Jornet | sjornet@jlp.cat
Architect. Professor of urbanism and regional planning at the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB) and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). Specialized in urbanism and history, he founded JLP Arquitectos with Carles Llop and Joan Pastor, working on a wide array of projects dealing with regional and urban planning, as well as urban and landscape interventions at different scales for both public and private clients.


foto Ivan-redIván Llach | illach@coac.net
Professor at the School of Architecture ESARQ of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya in the Design Studio area and Cooperation area. Associate Professor at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven KULEUVEN, University’s Department of Architecture, Urban Design, within the masters program MaHS MaUSP. He has also participated as a guest lecturer in architecture and urban programs in other Universities as HCMUARC (University of Architecture and Planning of Ho Chi Minh City) in Vietnam, or BAC (Barcelona Architectural Center). Cofounder of the firm TAAB6 www.taab6.com , specialized in architecture and urban design.
Antonio Lista | alista@urbsager.com | Interview
Geographer. PhD in Planning and ScM in GIS. Professor at ESARQ-UIC. As an urban planner specialized in Cultural Landscapes, he has worked on projects in Africa and South America. At present he is developing methodologies to bring traditional knowledge to present low density metropolitan planning.

Frederic Lloveras | lloveras@mcrit.com
Civil Engineer. He works for MCRIT since 2006, where he coordinates mobility studies at an urban and regional scale. He is a microsimulation traffic analysis specialist who has developed several models to study cases such as the introduction of a tram in the Diagonal Avenue of Barcelona and an implementation system for managing dynamic speed policies in road accesses to Barcelona. He has studied forecasting demand for large transport infrastructures and has participated in the performance of various mobility plans, both at an urban and regional scale.

Ignasi López | info@ignasilopez.com
Photographer, publisher and graphic designer. Co-founder of Bside Books, a publishing project of independent books about urban growth and urban displacements. His photography work deals with stereotypes, the use of leisure time and their relationship with landscape and territory. His work has been showcased in several exhibitions in Europe and USA. Currently, he is working on a collaborative project about landscape, education and photography.

Julia Koschinsky | julia.koschinsky@asu.edu  | Interview
Ph.D. and Research Director of the GeoDa Center for Geospatial Analysis and Computation at Arizona State University and Assistant Research Professor in the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning (SGSUP). Her research is at the intersection of spatial data analysis, evaluation methods and affordable housing with a focus on spatial methodologies to assess housing-related and other impacts.

David Martínez | davidmartinez@coac.net | Interview
Architect. Master in Urban Design and Planning. Assistant professor ESARQ-UIC. His research is focused on the relationship between architecture and urbanism through the study of large-scale social housing projects and the analysis of their structural and visual relationships. He has been Head of Housing and Town Planning Department in Badalona. He currently works for the City Council of Barcelona as urban advisor.

Regina Meyer | reginameyer@uol.com.br
Architect. Specialization in Urban Design and Urban Planning at AA London. Master Degree in University College – Bartllet School – London (1978). PhD in Universidade de São Paulo (1990). Full Professor at FAUUSP since 2006. As one of Brazil’s most distinguished urban planners and professors, she has also authored specialized publications such as “São Paulo metropolis”(2003) and “A leste do centro: territórios do urbanismo”(2006).

Oriol Nello | oriol.nello@gmail.com
Ph.D. in Geography. Master in International Affairs. He is professor of Urban Geography at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, where among other tasks he has served as Director of the Institute for Metropolitan Studies of Barcelona. Also a politician, he was Member of the Catalan Parliament from 1999-2004 and served from December 2003 to January 2011 as Secretary for Spatial Planning in the Autonomous Government of Catalonia, playing a leading role in land policy, neighbourhood rehabilitation and the long-awaited strategy for the vast metropolitan region around Barcelona.

Joan NoguéJoan Nogué | joan.nogue@catpaisatge.net
Professor of Human Geography at the University of Girona and director of the Observatori del Paisatge de Catalunya (Landscape Observatory of Catalonia) (www.catpaisatge.net). He received his doctorate from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and extended studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA). He works on two major lines of research: geographic and spatial thinking and analysis of the landscape from the perspective of cultural studies. He has published many books on both topics, such as, among others, Nacionalismo y territorio (1998), Geopolítica, identidad y globalización (2001), Las ‘otras’ geografías (2006), La construcción social del paisaje (2007), El paisaje en la cultura contemporánea (2008), Entre paisajes (2009) i Paisatge, territori i societat civil (2010).

Carles Pareja | cpareja@pareja-advocats.com
Lawyer. PhD in Law cum laude. Professor of Administrative Law at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Specialist in Administrative Law. He provides legal advice, carrying out studies and legal reports, preparing legislative projects and development plans, as well as litigating in court. He also carries out an intense academic activity both in the fields of legal teaching and research. He has published widely in the fields of Administrative Law, Land Use and Planning, Local Government, Environment, Public Regulation of Economic Activities, and has written many articles and contributions. He is also a frequent lecturer in courses, seminars and conferences in Spain and abroad.

Valerià Paül | v.paul.carril@usc.es
Geographer. Post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Santiago de Compostela. Graduated in Geography (University of Barcelona, 2001), with Honours, Special Award and 1st National End of University Studies Award. He was granted a pre-doctoral scholarship from 2002 to 2005 by the Spanish Government and obtained a PhD (2006), with Honours, Special Award. In 2007-2008 he was Post-doctoral Researcher at the Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona. He has performed research stay periods at universities in South Africa, Australia, France, and Spain.

Jacqueline Pólvora | jacqueline.polvora@docente.unicv.edu.cv
Urban anthropologist. PhD in Social Anthropology, specialized in African Diaspora Studies. She has been teaching Urban Anthropology and Anthropology of Development in Brazilian universities as well in Europe and Cape Verde, West Africa. Her research interests and publications are on the construction of race and racism in different societies, urban informality, urban segregation and exclusion, and development in Southern hemisphere.

Joaquin Sabaté | joaquin.sabate@upc.edu
Architect. Master in Urbanism Research. PhD in Architecture. Professor and researcher of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), coordinator of its Doctoral Program in Urbanism and Chairman of the European Postgraduate Masters of Urbanism. His research is centered on the study of the instruments, methods and theories behind regional and urban planning, and in the relationship between patrimonial resources and local development.

Pere Sala i Marti | pere.sala@catpaisatge.net
Degree in Environmental Sciences. Coordinator of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia and member of the Group of Experts of the Council of Europe on the Information System of the implementation of the European Landscape Convention. Coordinator of the Landscape Catalogues of Catalonia. His focus is on the integration of landscape in public policies, the implementation of landscape policies in Europe, and emerging landscapes. He collaborates in different Master courses on landscape matters and has authored books and papers on landscape and sustainability matters.

Pau Serra | pserra@cir.uic.es
PhD in Geography. He enjoyed a post-doctoral scholarship in 1994-95, granted by the Government of Navarre, at the University of Maryland (USA) and worked between 1998 and 2007 as a GIS specialist at the Cartography and GIS Departament at the Province Government of Barcelona. He has been a professor of geography at the UIC since 1998. In 2005 he was awarded Rogeli Duocastella prize by the Foundation La Caixa and in 2006 published his prized book on ethnic commerce in the Old Town of Barcelona. He has published over fifty research articles and in 2010 founded the Observatory of Immigration of Badalona. His research interests are ethnic businesses, urban geography and immigration, and GIS.

Joan Solà Font | joansola@coac.net
Architect. Assistant professor ESARQ-UIC and ETSAV-UPC. His research is focused on the effect of infrastructure on urban areas. Founder member of the professional office SFCA architects since 2003, specialized in developing urban projects and architecture. He is currently is completing his doctoral thesis on the effect of railway systems in medium-sized cities.

Reena Tiwari | R.Tiwari@curtin.edu.au
Architect. Masters in Urban Design. PhD in Urban Studies. She is Associate Professor in the Departments of Urban & Regional Planning and Architecture at Curtin University of Technology Perth, Australia. Her expertise is in Urban Design and Urban Theory and has a global perspective and wide ranging experience on city growth and development. Reena received Australian National Award for her outstanding contribution to student learning for developing a cross-disciplinary and integrative approach to teaching urban theory and design – blurring boundaries between class room and the ‘real world’ experience. She also supervises Postgraduate Research students in the field of Urban Design and Planning.

Lorena Vecslir Peri | lorena.vecslir@gmail.com | Interview
Architect. Master and PhD in Urban Design and Planning. A researcher at the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET) and member of the Territorial Development and Metropolitan Studies Program at the Institute of Geography (UBA), her area of study is focused on recent territorial transformations in the urban region of Buenos Aires and the restructuring of metropolitan centralities. She also collaborates with a multidisciplinary project among different Argentine universities on cultural landscapes and has published over forty articles in urban journals. She has participated in the production of several urban and territorial planning instruments in Spain and Argentina, and she has worked as a consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank (BID).

Ana Zazo MoratallaAna Zazo Moratalla | ana.zazo@upm.es
Architect. Master in Urban and Regional Planning (UPM). Research fellow at Technical University of Madrid, research line ‘Urbanism and agrarian systems’ within the Research Group on Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism (GIAU+S). Her research is focused on strategies of governance, planning and development in agrarian periurban areas. She is currently working on her doctoral thesis about agrarian parks as a tool for an active preservation of this kind of spaces.

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