As of this coming 2014-15 edition, the Master in Urbanism “Regenerating Intermediate Landscapes” at ESARQ-UIC is offering a new format adapted to the current needs of professionals of the field which wish to combine their academic learning with their professional work. The format includes online theoretical classes and a two month hands-on workshop in Barcelona, which complement each other, for a holistic academic and technical approach.

The online class platform enables the feel of a virtual classroom with discussions and a real-time relationship with the teacher and other students. This part has two modules, one is introductory and the other one is methodological. In the introductory module, students learn basic concepts for the analysis and management of contemporary intermediate landscapes. They also learn to classify primary morphological “episodes” and to identify and communicate the main features of a case study. In the methodological module, students learn about the basic components of intermediate landscapes, the main lines of research in contemporary regeneration projects, and assimilate the tools required to analyze areas of intervention and regenerated settings.

The two-month workshop in Barcelona completes the Master, offering our students the opportunity of experiencing on a real project, the master’s interdisciplinary methodology for regenerating complex contemporary landscapes. This face-to-face workshop held at our campus in Barcelona, encompasses practice form urban design to landscape architecture at a scale between neighborhood and region. The workshop is based on the research trough design methodology and has two modules: analysis of local and international case studies.

We are glad to offer our international staff and students this option based on a format keen to technology and economic needs, which continues to provide the academic excellence and technical practical approach that combined makes our program unique in its field.

Click here to read more about the Online Programme 


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