Territori 24 wins contest with their Urban Farm Retirement Home

We’re thrilled to hear that Territori 24, the Barcelona-based architecture and urbanism firm cofounded by one of our faculty members Bet Alabern, has won the competition for a civic center and retirement home in the neighborhood of Baró de Viver in Barcelona’s Sant Andreu District.

The proposal, based on sustainable principles and the optimization of the available economic resources, integrates a space for collective farming open to the facility users and the surrounding community.

Urban farm and retirement home corridor

The project implements renewable energy resources and evaluates environmental aspects that span the entire cycle of the project’s construction process. Efficiency measures include the use of materials like a lightweight but resistant metallic mesh for the internal structure that allows for quick assembly and an exterior skin of lowcost prefab concrete and dry-assembled windows. All organic waste produced by the farm will be reused and composted on site.

Climatic scheme

“This competition has allowed us to work on various themes we were personally interested in one single project; social sustainability, coefficiency and the exploration of materials,” explains Bet Alabern.

“Our choice of using a lightweight prefab structure, up until now limited mainly to industrial projects, gave us the economic leeway to reserve part of our budget to develop passive methods such as the green wall or social sustainability features such as the space for communal urban farming annexed to the building.”

We look foward to seeing the project underway in the near future!

Visit the project description and plans at Territori 24 (in Catalán) and at HIC Arquitectura (in Spanish).


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