Professor Bet Alabern leads a university course on Accessibility

We are proud to announce that a course directed by one of our faculty and LAU member Bet Alabern, together with Carles Llop, has been chosen by the International University Consortium Menéndez Pelayo de Barcelona for its 2012 Fall program. The course, an Acces_sos initiative, is titled Accessibility amplified: Solutions for the management of public space and sustainable development (in Catalán, “Claus per a la gestió de l’espai públic i del desenvolupament sostenible”).

Acces_sos moves one step forward in taking the discussion of the concept of accessibility to the university level. The international partnership comprised by qart progetti_firenze, tasca studio_bologna, and Bet Alabern’s territori 24_barcelona is devoted to the investigation of accessibility in urban public space and broadening the concept of accessibility in order to reestablish the relationship between city dwellers and their metropolitan routines within public space and move away from the association of accessibility with disability.

Bet Alabern explains, “Sustainable urban development should guarantee the right of citizens to public space. The access to public space and the right to mobility go further than the elimination of architectural barriers. They should be capable of allowing multiple civic uses that are nonconformist, active and conflictive; and through the reconciliation of public, economic and commercial interests, should combine safety with privacy, and freedom of expression with civic-mindedness.”


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