Friday Faves! 5 Things to Watch and Read

Blame the Architect – A series of lectures with an amusing tone yet a very serious subject matter: Are architects and urban planners to blame for urban violence? Professor Wouter Vanstiphout talks about the inextricable relationship between design and politics, thus design as politics. Organized by the chair of Design as Politics at the Delft University of Technology.

Can New Urbanists Save Port-au-Prince? – A necessary reflection on whether New Urbanism strategies are appropriate for contexts like post-disaster Port-au-Prince. But Haiti isn’t exactly a post-industrial, sprawl-suffering landscape. Fast Company says, what it needs is an “urban concentration for manufacturing and infrastructure aimed at supporting exports–not a fantasy of self-sufficient agriculture.”

Metropol Parasol, Seville – It is clearly a promotional video from the start, but there’s much to be said about the appropriation of daring urban structures over time. Arup’s Metropol Parasol in Seville, Spain was not without controversy, and surely still isn’t, but in the tricky scenario of public space, nostalgia sometimes surrenders to acceptance in light of the benefits that may have once seemed unlikely.

City Planning from the Extremes of the Human Mind
A fascinating sets of drawings produced by the imagination of French autistic savant Gilles Trehin, who spent decades obsessively transcribing his complex vision of the fictional city of Urville onto paper, combining past and future, science and fantasy to beautifully represent an alternative reality of the contemporary city.

Arcade Fire presents Sprawl II – And on a light note, here’s a great music video for a Friday afternoon: Arcade Fire asks, Can we ever get away from Sprawl? We hope so!

Have a great weekend!


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