Friday Faves! 5 Things to Watch and Read

Detroit Wild City – This documentary on the boom-and-bust story of the Motor City promises for its focus on people rather than ruins. Amidst talk of urban agriculture and a return to pastoralism, what futures might actually be possible for places like Detroit? Here’s the trailer.

South Africa: From Township to Town – Design Observer’s latest essay analyzes the history of South Africa’s townships and highlights the urgent need to regenerate an urban landscape that still bears the scars of apartheid. “They constitute a distinct urban typology that must be addressed by practitioners, policymakers and scholars if we are to transform the spatial legacy of apartheid into a landscape that better reflects the multiracial aspirations of the nation.”

Concrete Coast – Another documentary recording the frightening developments of uncontrolled urbanism. This one documents the social, cultural and environmental effects of the last bit of un-urbanized Spanish Mediterranean coast being built up for residential tourism in the Region of Murcia. Not to miss.

10 of the Scariest Places to Live in the U.S. – While some of these places are scary for their environmental hazards, others are for their clear neglect of thoughtful urban planning, whether it’s poor street design or the lack of appropiate measures for flood-prone areas.

6 TEDx Talks on Cities – Here’s just one of six TEDx talks handpicked by Yuri Artibise on the design of cities. Click the link to watch the rest!


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