Friday Faves! 5 Things to Watch and Read

This week in Friday Faves:

Jan Gehl on the Past 40 Years of Urbanism – A 32-min interview with the famed Danish urban designer and his thoughts on the past and future of urbanism, and the importance of working at the people scale. via Planetizen

Urbanized: An Interview with Gary Hustwit – We featured the trailer here, and now Design Observer poses some interesting questions to the documentary’s director. In the 1950s, the film would been called “Suburbanized.” Fifty years from now would it be called “Ruralized?”

The Tragedy of Urban Renewal: The destruction and survival of a New York City neighborhood – Urban renewal at what cost? This case study makes us rethink the importance of preserving existing cultural foundations. via Yurbanism

Ecological Urbanism – Preserving ecology is just as important as preserving cultural landscapes and social fabrics. In this book Moshen Mostafavi and Gareth Doherty outline the principles for practicing ecological urbanism.

Twelve posts about Urban Asia – Last week, This Big City shifted its focus to the Eastern hemisphere, with twelve posts covering urbanism on the Asian continent, featuring Indonesia, China, Japan, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, South Korea, India, the United Arab Emirates and Thailand.

And…a little something extra!

10 Waterfront Regeneration Projects Around the World– Please check out our new series of case study roundups, which we devote to profiling the kind of urban interventions that our program deals with. Here is this week’s roundup!

Bird's eye view, South-east Park ©FOA

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