Friday Faves! 5 Things to Watch and Read

This week in Friday Faves!

TEDx talk with Chuck Marohn – Starting out with an interesting comparative between historical Spain and US, the executive director of Strong Towns, emphasizes the importance of returning roads (as opposed to streets) to towns for community and economic development.

via DC Streetsblog

Making a Middle Landscape – Particularly relevant to our program in its analysis of the ‘middle’ or as we call it ‘intermediate’ landscape, this book from 1991 by Peter Rowe looks at how cultural artefacts like houses, shopping places, workplaces, and highways have shaped suburban expansion and how they can serve as a basis for a new approach to urban design.

LRT: Is it the answer? – Is Light Rail Transit the Answer to Stop Sprawl? An emerging case study in Waterloo, Canada.

via Plataforma Urbana

Everything Sings: Maps for a Narrative Atlas – Map-lovers will love this–A poetic rendition of those intangible things that make a neighborhood: “They transform the common, ordinary stuff of the city — water and sewer, electricity, streets — into the real stuff of our lives.”

via DesignObserver

NASA’s Theoretical Space Colonies – And something just for fun: NASA’s 1970s ideas for creating colonies between the Earth and the moon! A perfect reflection of the suburban trends of the time.

via Architizer

Wishing everyone a great Friday and a stellar weekend!


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