River Rocha Waterfront Regeneration

Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Alcaldía Municipal de Cochabamba
Location: Cochabamba, Bolivia
Years of work: 2011 –
Researchers: Carmen Mendoza Arroyo (PI), Pere Vall – Casas (PI), Ben Dirickx

The plan focuses on the waterfront redevelopment of the River Rocha in Cochabamba. Two fundamental challenges are addressed: restore the ecological and social value of the river, and transform it into a positive urban space involved in the renewal of the nearby urban fabrics. In order to do so a specific methodology is introduced: (1) Comprehension of its natural elements and cultural heritage. Identification of the interests, habits and perceptions of the local communities around the river, (2) Design of a civic network made up of the civic open spaces, activities and elements of mobility by foot and bicycle essential to the new river corridor’s urban identity, (3) Identification of strategic micro-projects and the selection of a model intervention.

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