Retrofitting Suburbia through Pre-Urban Patterns

Can Roca, homestead heritage.

Funding: Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
Barcelona Metropolitan Region, Catalunya, Spain. Metro Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Metro Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Years of work:
2004 –
Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Spain: Pere Vall–Casas (PI), Carmen Mendoza, Arizona State University, USA: Julia Koschinsky

The analysis of pre-urban patterns is an important basis for developing strategies to retrofit suburbia. Specifically, the recovery of rural grids and watercourses as the main elements of civic networks allows one to: (1) increase diversity, accessibility and nodality of the overlapping residential tissues; (2) reinforce the diffusion effect of isolated urban transformations; and (3) integrate urban retrofitting strategies with the unique characteristics of each place.

River park L'Hostal del Fum

Industrial corridor Riera de Caldes, open space and homestead.

Structural Proposal, LAU/Alexis Cogull


You can also download an extract of the project as a pdf.


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