Methodology for the Regeneration of Residential Suburban Sprawl

Suburban sprawl, Lliça d’Amunt, Barcelona Metropolitan Region

Funding: Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
Location: Barcelona Metropolitan Region, Catalunya, Spain
Researchers: Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Spain: Pere Vall–Casas (PI), Carmen Mendoza (PI), Marta Benages, Sandra Calero
Arizona State University, USA: Julia Koschinsky
Years of work: 2008 –

The regeneration of residential suburban areas requires specific methodology alternative from that of the conventional compact city. Nine topics for urban regeneration will be revised in depth by means of a cross national comparison between American and European case studies (mobility, density, energy and water, civic grid, ecological grid, cultural substrate, social substrate, communication, management and planning). The intervention tools acquired will be applied on a specific and emblematic urban regeneration proposal in the Barcelona Metropolitan Region.

Left: River Rocha, Cochabamba, Bolivia | Right: Proposed civic grid and riverfront regeneration, LAU

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  1. […] Planning at Arizona State University have been working together since 2008 on the research project: Methodology for the Regeneration of Low Density Suburban Sprawl. In order to continue in this line of research, Julia Koschinsky, research director of the GeoDa […]

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